Worldwide chocolate – version for inquisitive readers


We had been writing a lot that our chocolate is polish and manufactured here, on the spot. We are proud that we have created a brand which we can boldly present on the world’s biggest confectionery trade fair and show what we have developed in the Vistula Land. But the truth is, that the ingredients from which we produce our chocolate gold come from various interesting corners of the world. If you followed our chocolate alphabet on Facebook carefully you surely picked up some details. Here is the appropriate place and good timing to tell you the whole story.

So…the chocolate is produced here, on the spot, in a small, cosy manufacture in Piaseczno near Warsaw. It contains however the raw materials from various interesting corners of the world. Since we can boast the PL-EKO certificate, all ingredients must come from ecological crops. Our suppliers are examined on the regular basis if their products meet the standards, and we are controlled regularly as well. All this with the purpose to place the applicable information on our packaging but mostly so that our chocolate is healthy and tasty.

Let’s start with the crucial ingredient – cocoa. We import the most exclusive, the oldest and overall the most demanding, when it comes to farming, sort of Criollo. Also thanks to it our chocolate has such a delicious taste. Our suppliers in Peru, near Machu Picchu, take care that the cocoa beans have the premium quality.

Goji Berries – superfood – super antioxidant, one of the healthiest fruit all over the world. Their taste compose wonderfully with the chocolate sweetness. Ningxia in China – is the name of the province where our berries ripen.
Acai – is small, dark purple berry which grows on the palms in the Amazon Rainforest. The next superfood which contains titanic amount of vitamins, amino acids and elements essential for human organism.
Mulberries – we have this product which is wrapped in our raw chocolate. It is also superfood, very healthy as well. We import them in the organic version from Turkey.
Inca Berries – the same regions as cocoa. South America and the Incas. Ancient civilizations knew very well where to obtain the life energy from. Now we draw on this benefits.
Almonds – they are the nearest to us because we import them from Spain – the diversity of vitamin E, calcium and protein.
Salt – only Himalayan. It is clean, tasty (if salt can be tasty at all). Its pinch added to our products is very useful.
Palm Sugar – so our sweet, healthy secret, straight from Indonesia!

We recommend you to taste all this because no description will convey the taste sensation 🙂