Raw cocoa

cocoa-beansSince healthy nutrition plays big role in our everyday life, we had been looking for a solution which would be able to combine two – at first apparently impossible – features: the chocolate taste with its healthy aspect. The only sensible way was manufacturing the chocolate from raw cocoa. The raw, unroasted cocoa bean is the strongest antioxidant. This is the only manufacturing process which enables to keep all the most relevant cocoa features and transfer them into the delicious chocolate bar. We will tell you how we achieve this later on, and now let’s come back to the history.

If our chocolate is due to be exceptional, it has to be produced from exceptional beans. The choice was obvious. We import Criollo – the most rarely cultivated and most selected cocoa bean from Peru. Now imagine two buds – completely fresh in this business – establishing contacts with Peruvian manufacturers who run certified ecological crops. By the way – you will always find a mark on our products saying that they are manufactured from ecological ingredients. Now we have already learned all the essential procedures and documents. But the first time we just ordered the goods without any certificate of approval. Afterwards, having gained the permission already, we have mixed up the customs codes in the documentation, which was the reason that the whole previous release of goods could not be classified as Eco. So then next weeks and months of delay…

But we managed to overcome all the procedures and formalities finally and started with our production. The first products under our brand left the manufacture in July 2010. We were bursting with pride. We finally saw the results of our long work and learning on the market.