Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon vanilla

Vanilla is an excellent antioxidant and enhances combating the free radicals.

Vanilla has also antidepressant features, its sweet scent can help to calm shattered nerves. The components of vanilla oil have beneficial influence on boosting the mood. Thanks to its tonic, moisturizing and softening properties it is also used in cosmetic industry. No wonder, vanilla is so willingly used in our products!


Vanilla is the fruit

coming from orchidaceae. The mature plant has deep flowers in the shape of trumpet which are opened only once a year when they are naturally pollinated by bees and hummingbirds.


Vanilla is one

of the most expensive flavouring in the world due to labour- and time- consuming production process. The wide range of application, starting from valuable taste advantages through healing features to aphrodisiac-makes it especially precious.


Excellent combination

of cocoa and vanilla had been popular already among Aztecs. One can boldly say that the drink prepared by them is the equivalent of the contemporary hot chocolate with the addition of vanilla.


The healing features

of vanilla had already been valued by old Indian tribes. Vanilla is exceptionally helpful in combating the infections. Thanks to its components it has unique stimulating properties which support the organism by inflammation.