Marcin and Karol


We promised you couple of days ago that you will learn the people who create the sweet Cocoa world. Here we are – in all our glory 😉 The adventure with the raw chocolate had started with our crazy idea. We don’t want to be stucked  in excessive self-satisfaction however we can openly say that we are proud of the result of our work. Has it always been easy? Definitely not. It went rather hard, laboriously and slowly –as everyone knows, that’s life…But we are patient, cautious and persistent. Since the very beginning of the manufacturing we have been doing practically everything what is needed for the chocolate to appear on the market by ourselves. On the one hand it is bad because if we had outsourced the work, we could have developed faster. But on the other hand it is good because probably nobody else would be able to carry out that work so diligently as we did. And we are manufacturing chocolate so that feature is very desirable.

During the development of our business we had to gain new skills: buy the machines, order the raw materials, apply for certificates of the ecological food, try out the new ingredients, design packaging, prepare our web site, open the internet shop and much more. You can follow systematically our last project – preparation for the ISM 2013 Trade Fair – on our blog.

It is not only about going there and presenting our products. It means much more. We observe what is happening around us and we want to show that two buds from Poland who started from scratch 3 years ago are able to create product which is exceptional and will be appreciated not in Warsaw, not in Poland but in the world. Against all odds surrounding us, against all what is told and thought about our country and its citizens. This is our idea – and the chocolate is merely the way to manifest our way of thinking. It is good that it hit just the chocolate 😉

Today – 18th of January – there are only 9 days to the event, perhaps the most important in our life. There is not much time left, lot of work though but we believe that we will cope with it! We count on your support. We will write you tomorrow. Stay with us in this extraordinary interesting moments…