For 4 days – the sweetest place worldwide…

We had written a little about the Trade Fair before. You can feel the overall atmosphere of the event while watching the film below:

But it is also important what exactly is going to happen there. We have mentioned that it is the biggest event of this type worldwide and the numbers confirm it. Last year the event attracted about 35.000 visitors from 130 countries! All in all it is going to be the sweetest place over four days in January.

All guests who turn up there, will have a chance to see and taste (!) the products from over 1400 exhibitors. Those numbers are impressive. Imagine – all this in the confectionery and chocolate climate…

Apart from the Trade Fair there are some additional events planned.

isme031ISM Chocolate Master – is the show of the newest trends and creation of chocolates and pralines. It sounds nearly like fashion show 🙂 This year, master chocolatier Axel Hanf from Belgium will charm on the spot. Every guest will have the opportunity to watch live the master confectionery art and design during preparation of the sweet masterpieces.

Sweet Nostalgia – is the special show of innovative ideas organized by the students of Köln International School of Design. This year’s leitmotiv of the chocolate projects is nostalgia. Exceptionally interesting event. We will try to make some pictures and post them on our blog.

isme011Sweets & Snacks as gifts – it is obvious because no other category can boast such a wide range of various products, packaging, shapes which are ideal gifts for diverse occasions.

There is one more event during the Trade Fair which we want to catch your eye on – New Products Show, where new products will be displayed. Do you think that Cocoa chocolate should appear there?