Bean to Bar – meaning we do all by ourselves!

b2bicoNot many chocolate manufacturers can boast the „Bean to Bar” process. It means that they have the full control over the production process. They receive cocoa beans and the end product is created from them. And this is the case in our manufacturing – we are “Bean to Bar” producers. We import raw cocoa beans, straight from Peru, and once they arrive in our manufacturing we start our adventure.

The production process takes place in small manufacture, which has been adapted after closed confectionery. You will not find there any factory equipment nor long production line. The result of the production process is the handmade chocolate bar. In order not to lose any of the cocoa bean features, the manufacturing process takes places in the temperatures below 45 °C – exceeding the temperature 48 °C causes destruction of the enzymes contained in the cocoa beans. It is crucial because as with organic so with traditional chocolates are conchiert in the temperatures between 60-100°C, which reduces drastically the assimilation capability of the contained minerals.


The process starts with peeling the cocoa bean shell. This stage is still a bit problematic for us. Because of the insufficient equipment, we have to divide crashing the cocoa bean and winnowing the hull in two separate activities. After the cocoa beans have been grated for several hours they are next conchiert and aired simultaneously. This process lasts over 48 hours which enables the complete evaporation of the acetic acid from the chocolate mass.

The next step is tempering of the chocolate mass. Since the cocoa fat has the polymorphic structure it creates heterogenic crystalline structures while cooling. The tempering process consists in heating up the chocolate which enables to provide it with homogeneous and smooth structure. Thanks to it the chocolate bar is velvet, even and shiny after cooling and makes characteristic sound by breaking.

You will learn more tomorrow about what and how we combine to create delicious chocolate …